Hi there, thanks for visiting this little blog. This is my first blog, so any advice or constructive criticism is warmly welcomed.

My name is Yuli. It’s hard for me to describe who or what I am using a few words, so I decide that I will settle with: I am a lot of things. You will probably come to know me little by little by reading this blog, or not.

I currently live in North Sumatra, Indonesia. If you intend to travel to this area and would like to ask some questions, feel free to do so. I’d be glad to be of some help.

I love nature, although I understand that the natural world is harsh and unforgiving.

I love colours. I love the colours of the sky when the sun rise and set, when it’s clear blue, when it’s grey before rains or storms, and when it lights up for a few seconds when lightning strikes. I love the colours of flowers, insects, grasses, trees and a lot of things on my surroundings. However, I prefer my clothes to be mostly black.

I hate cigarette smoke and exhaust gas simply because they smell awful.

I love to travel, observe and experience things I’ve never experienced before. I feel most alive when I travel. I also like to capture things with my camera. I cannot afford a DSLR camera right now, so I have to be satisfied with my current pocket camera (Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS) and camera-phone (Samsung Galaxy S3). I’d very much like to have a decent DSLR though, at least one which I can change its shutter speed and aperture.

I love reading. Sometimes I have an urge to quote some words by some authors. Since it’d be weird to just blurt them out during conversation–not to mention none of the people around me will understand it–, I’ll just quote them here.

Lastly, I’m a known procrastinator. That’s my other way of saying that the update will be sporadic.

Copyright & Disclaimer:

1. Most photos and posts in this blog are mine. Feel free to use them on your blogs, for non-commercial purposes. But, you must link back to this blog, and please don’t forget to credit me. For other uses, please ask for permission.

2. In the case when they’re not mine, I will strive to state the name of the original author/source whenever possible/necessary.

2. The name of this blog, “TOE vs LOVE”, was suggested by Michi. TOE may stand for “Theory of Everything” or “Theory of Evolution”. Whereas LOVE may stand for anything ranging from “Loss of Valuable Energy”, “Living Our Victories Everyday”, “Look, Observe, Verify, Enjoy”, to “Land of Sorrow, Ocean of Tears, Valley of Death, End of Life”.

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