Portraits of Asia

Last night, I bought a dessert from one of the stalls in front of CentralWorld and ate it while sitting on one of the benches near the Portraits of Asia Exhibition on CentralWorld Square. The dessert costs 20 baht. From what I could see, it consisted of guilinggao, nata de coco, ginkgo nuts, red dates, palm sugar and shaved ice. I liked it. Hmm, too bad I don’t have a picture of it. My camera’s battery was dead by this time because I stupidly forgot to charge it yesterday.

Anyway, Portraits of Asia was an outdoor photo exhibition held at the CentralWorld Square, featuring 88 portraits by the French photographer, Eric Lafforgue. They were amazing! I was glad I had an opportunity to attend the expo. Below are some pictures I took of the portraits.

Skeleton Woman, Highlands, Papua New Guinea

Mung-Ming ancient Chinese style hair removal at Chinatown, Bangkok, Thailand

Novices in Bangkok, Thailand

Miss Muko, Karen, Nam Peang Din village, Pai River, Thailand

Beautiful transsexual people, Thailand

Ringing bells in Buddhist temples, Thailand

Baby and father in Beijing, China

For more information on the expo, go to http://www.tannetwork.tv/tan/ViewData.aspx?DataID=1041497

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