Bangkok, cont.

Breakfast was included with the accommodation. For today, the breakfast was Pad-Thai with giant shrimp, fresh local fruits, orange juice & tea/coffee. It was delicious. After devouring the pad-thai, my stomach was actually already in the state of near-bursting. However, the fruits looked so delectable I just had to eat them too. So, I sat there reading with my iPad while waiting for my tummy to make some more room for the fruits. Well, I was not disappointed. They were the sweetest water apple and watermelon I’ve ever tasted. It was almost like eating honey.


Pad-Thai wrapped with thin omelette, topped with giant shrimps & garnished with lime, bean sprouts and lemongrass

Water Apple & Watermelon

Water Apple & Watermelon

After breakfast, I told Karan (that’s the staff’s name if I’m not wrong) that I’d be going out. He called a tuk-tuk for me and asked if I knew where I’d like to go that day. I said I had some places in mind and since I was still tired from the last few days before the departure to Thailand, I’d just take it easy that day, walked around and did some window shopping. He wrote some common Thai phrases on a post-it and gave it to me. He also gave me some tips and advice about bargaining and their everyday culture. He was kind and very helpful.

Here’s what’s on the post-it:

Hello = Sawadee Ka

How much? = Tao Rai?

Reduce the price = Lod noi ka

Too expensive = Pang Ka

He also taught me the correct pronunciation.


The tuk-tuk waiting in front of the B&B

I decided that I prefer “tuk-tuk” to “becak”. Tuk-tuk is roomier, faster and more comfortable.

Krung Thon Buri

The nearest BTS station to Focal Local

From Krung Thon Buri, I went to Chit Lom to visit Erawan Shrine, Ganesha Shrine, CentralWorld Plaza and other places in the area.


It was a new model from Honda; was being displayed at BTS Chit Lom station near the escalator.


view from BTS Chit Lom skybridge near Erawan


I forgot what shrine this is. I passed it on my way from the BTS station to Erawan Shrine. It was beautiful, delicate and serene.

Erawan Shrine

Erawan Shrine, a shrine for the golden statue of the four-faced Hindu god Brahma

Erawan's face

One of the face. I think this side represents wealth. Symbolized by the gold bar on his hand.

Dancers at Erawan

Dancers & Worshippers at Erawan Shrine

Flower Chandelier

Huge Flower Chandelier at Gaysorn. They were made from flower petals strung together with some crystals. So pretty!

It was cloudy by the time I reached this area. Within 15 minutes, the rain was pouring. I went to CentralWorld and other malls on the area to take refuge. CentralWorld is the third largest shopping complex in the world. Mall lovers and shopaholics should include it in their must-go-places’ lists. Here’s some shots from CentralWorld.

Trimurti Shrine

Trimurti Shrine

The Trimurti Shrine is located at the busy Ratchaprasong junction in downtown Bangkok at the corner of the Central World Plaza, (former World Trade Centre) across the road from the famous Erawan Shrine. Though less hectic than the Erawan Shrine, the Trimurti Shrine has an aura of its own. Legend has it that those who pray here for true love will have their dreams fulfilled.

Ganesha Shrine

Directly adjacent to Trimurti stands another important Hindu shrine, this time for Ganesha, the son of Shiva and Parvati.

Ganesha Statue

Ganesha is the god of accomplishment, wisdom and wealth, the destroyer of evil and obstacles.

Little Elephants

These elephants, ranging from tiny to middle-size, were scattered around the shrine

Ganesha is considered a master of intellect and wisdom, and visitors here seek to be blessed with artistic success and accomplishment.
The deity is one of the more recognizable (at least for non-Hindus) because of his elephant head, human components (many arms), elements of serpents, and the big belly that it is depicted with. His attendant is a mouse.

Ganesha is often linked to the field of arts, but is, in fact, the Destroyer of Obstacles. Craftsmen would invoke Ganesha before embarking on a delicate process like stone carving, hence the link with the arts. He is also believed to be the god of good fortune, and revered by businessmen who wish for success in their ventures.

Legend has it that Ganesha angered his father, who unwittingly cut off his own son’s head. To make amends, he told his soldiers to bring the head of the first animal they encountered, which happened to be an elephant with one tusk. A red lotus is the main offering amongst many that are dedicated to this god.

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